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Our agency features a selection of social media services to create and grow your channels. We are here to build your social media presence with sustainable strategies. Our objective is to establish your brand's voice & aesthetic, grow your fanbase and generate leads & ramp revenue.

Influencer & Celebrity Marketing

We are firm believers in the power of the social influence. Targeting niche specific influencer partnerships and collaborative opportunities is a key component to your brand. Our services include vetting influencers, performing outreach, outlining agreements and more.

Content Creation

We work with a portfolio of photographers and videographers to effectively create your story and image. Marissa Communications creates mood boards & shot lists, includes high quality styling and editing to deliver exceptional visuals. We make sure to direct your photo & video shoots from A-Z.

Graphic Design

Our designers create compelling collateral and artwork that represents your brand’s image. We offer a variety of expertise including branding, design, editing, animations and more.

Digital Marketing

We offer digital professionals to manage and implement strategic ad campaigns across an online platform. It is our mission to display your brand in front of your target audience with digital advertising methods.

Special Events

We take lead in planning and developing marketing strategies for large scale events. Our services include building marketing plans, creating promotional event based content, managing ticketing platforms, leading on site social coverage and more.

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